City ID is Now the Greatest Bloatware App in History…Because it can be Uninstalled (Sort of) (Updated)

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I don’t know how long City ID has been allowing this to go on, but today when notified that my trial of their service was over, I was able to uninstall it.  Yes, you read that correctly.  City ID, known for their notification annoyances on phones like the DROID Incredible, is no longer on my Thunderbolt.

And at this time, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank them personally.  You understand that if we don’t want your app that we should be able to remove it from our phones.  You understand that we like to actually feel like we own our phones by not having permanent fixtures of spam sitting in our app drawer.  You understand that some people have old phones and a minimal amount of app storage space.  You understand that corporate greed should not control a product’s life.  You understand…well, you just understand.  Thank you City ID.

*Update 1* – We should point out that this option appears to only be available on the Thunderbolt.

*Update 2* – As some have also pointed out, the actually CityID.apk still remains in your /system/app folder, but to the average user, that doesn’t mean anything.  They’ll just be happy that the app is gone from their app drawer.

*Silly post I know, but we like to make sure that some of the carriers around the world see that we appreciate little things like this.

Cheers rudyt83!



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