DROID Charge Available on Pre-order at Let’s Talk for $249

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The DROID Charge was announced this week and will make its way to wireless stores around the country on Thursday, April 28 as the first “DROID” 4G LTE phone.  Pricing was originally set at $299 on a 2-year contract, but Walmart (Let’s Talk) appears to be willing to undercut Big Red’s number and is offering it up on pre-order for $50 less at $249.  The device should arrive at your doorstep by Friday at the latest with the free overnight shipping included.

Anyone ordering?


*Note – I always like to point out that these incredible deals from online retailers almost always come with some sort of a catch.  Most of them force you to retain every single aspect of your plan including features for at least 181 days after purchase or they will slap you with an unannounced charge for the full retail price of the device.  So if you purchase a phone through them, make sure you read the fine print and try not to switch the phone to another line, cancel texting, or drop to a lower minute plan for a few months or you could be in for a hefty fee.



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