Tuesday Poll: Are you still interested in a tablet?

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We’re now almost 2 full months into the life of the Motorola XOOM, and while the device has been a pleasure to use for some, I’m starting to hear from users who were not so pleased and actually returned theirs.  It just makes me wonder if this tablet arena is overrated or already overrun by a certain fruit-logo’d company.  Basically, what I’m asking is:  if you are not interested in owning the latest stretched out app jukebox device (yes, the iPad2), then are you interested in a tablet at all?  The XOOM (our review) received mixed reviews, the G-Slate is getting torn apart for being a 3D-gimmick, the Playbook was unfinished, and the Flyer might not even launch with Honeycomb.  What do you guys think?  And as always, feel free to express your thoughts on tablets in general in the comments.

Are you still interested in a tablet?

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