Report: HTC Thunderbolt Outselling iPhone 4 at Verizon Stores

Well after some not-so-fun news about warranty replacements, we actually do have good news about HTC Thunderbolt and its sales as compared to the i*hone 4 at Verizon.  Research firm BTIG put in calls to 150 different Big Red stores throughout 22 major cities and received news on the two that may surprise many of you.  According to this report, 61% of stores said the devices were selling at about the same rate, with 28% saying that the TBolt was outselling our fruit foe.

And to add to this report, I’ll toss out the fact that the local Portland store that I visit for all my device needs, was adamant at the TBolt launch day as being far busier than the i*hone’s.  It is a pretty lovely phone even if it has battery issues.

Via:  BGR, BTIG Research



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