Motorola Considering its Own Smartphone OS, Android “Shooting itself in the foot”?

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This is one of those “You’ve got to be kidding me!” kinds of stories.  Motorola, according to a couple of sources close to the matter, has been hiring mobile and web engineers from companies like Apple and Adobe like crazy because it has plans to create its own mobile operating system for smartphones.  Uh oh.  When asked to comment on these reports, a spokesperson had this to say:  “Motorola Mobility is committed to Android as an operating system.”  Not exactly a denial, right?

One of the sources close to the matter brought up Android as one of the reasons for Moto to consider its own mobile OS, stating that “Android is shooting itself in the foot.”  How exactly are they doing that, you ask?  According to this “source”, fragmentation, product differentiation, and issues related to Google’s support for its partners are the concern.  Really?

Let me just throw an idea out there if fragmentation and product differentiation are a concern:  stop putting a garbage skin over top of a product that doesn’t need it.  If you are having trouble updating fast enough, maybe it’s time to stop throwing in bloatware, skins, and worrying about locking down phones and instead offer up what Google is giving devices like the Nexus S; it sure seems to get updates on a regular basis.  And how about showing some love to the mobile OS that brought you back from the dead?  (/end rant.)

I should also point out that this is just a rumor and should not be taken as fact.  They could be considering an OS, but we should at least attempt to be a little fair until there is concrete evidence to support these semi-anonymous claims.

So what do you guys think?  Dumbest move in history?  BlurOS is #winning?

Via:  Information Week

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