Confirmed: Your Unlocked Motorola XOOM Will Be Eligible for the 4G LTE Upgrade

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Remember all those ridiculous stories from last week about Motorola XOOMs not being 4G LTE upgradeable if unlocked?  You know, the stories that started a firestorm of unwarranted bad press after some random forum member in the Moto support forums that has zero affiliation with Motorola said that rooted devices would not be upgraded?  A forum member who admitted just a few posts later that he was just guessing and that no one should take his word for it?  Remember those?  So silly.

Well, guess what?  That’s 100% not the case and never was.  The forum manager reached out to his bosses when that asinine rumor broke out to get the low down on the situation and has returned with information that we assumed was coming.  ALL XOOMs, whether they have been unlocked or not, are eligible.  However, if you’ve unlocked it, you will most likely have to relock it in order for the upgrade to go down smoothly (makes sense).  You also can’t have a custom ROM (not that there are any yet) on your device and will need to have stock software loaded (again, makes sense).

And it’s sounding like Motorola plans to release instructions on how to get you back to an upgradeable spot, so stay tuned.  Oh, we’ll also have a guide for you in the very near future too.

Everyone happy?

Via:  Motorola Forums

Cheers PaulG1488!



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