Why the Lack of Google Voice on the XOOM? No Telephony of Course.

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Opening the new Honeycomb market and searching for “Google Voice” was probably the first thing I did after grabbing my Motorola XOOM last Thursday and it was no where to be found.  Not being pleased with this discovery, especially knowing that my XOOM has a Verizon phone number tied to it, I started asking around on Twitter and apparently many of you found out the hard way as well.  And don’t bother sideloading it either, because it’ll force close on you.

When asked by one of our readers what the deal was, an Android Market rep had this to say…

Thanks for your note.  At this time, the Google Voice app is not compatible with your device because your device lacks the required telephony features.

Now, I totally understand that the device can’t make actual phone calls, but the silly little Galaxy Tab had Google Voice support.  As far as I know, no one was thinking about making calls on it, but for those of us that use GV to send texts, this was going to huge.  Sad, sad story.

To keep things positive though, we’re going to take his “at this time” comment and claim that we will one day have some sort of Google Voice on Honeycomb.  (Fingers firmly crossed.)

Cheers Wes!



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