A Few Motorola XOOM Purchasing Notes

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Many of you have probably already gone to a Best Buy or Verizon store to pick up your Motorola XOOM, but we wanted to toss out some additional information in case you were on the fence still…

  • Verizon does NOT require a data package when you purchase a XOOM.  Actually, they NEVER did and the reports that they were going to were made up.  It was always Best Buy that was requiring this.  You can opt-in to a 2-year contract and pay $599 or go without a plan for $799.  If you choose to go without a plan, you can then decide at any time to pay for a month-to-month package.
  • Best Buy has now informed their employees that activations are no longer required.  Yep, their mandatory minimum 1-month package is no longer required.  (Cheers M!)
  • More from Best Buy:  They released a press note mentioning that they would NOT price match Verizon’s $599 2-year contract deal.  We are hearing a variety of reports on this deal from readers though.
  • Edit:  Buy Back is not free on XOOM, only phones.
  • The 4G LTE upgrade site from Verizon is live and you should sign up to be notified when you can get your XOOM upgraded.  http://phones.verizonwireless.com/xoom/upgrade/
  • No, I haven’t heard ANYTHING about the wifi-only XOOM.

And here are a couple of the accessories in action…



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