Buy and Sell Android Devices on Swappa, Rooted Phones Accepted

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If you are trying to figure out where that extra cash is going to come from so that you can buy an HTC Thunderbolt, then maybe Swappa is your answer.  Swappa is a semi-new service that allows users to buy and sell their “gently” abused Android devices.  They only accept fully functional devices with good ESNs and that aren’t cracked or damaged in any way, but they also want you to know that this service is nothing like eBay.  This is a straight up, buy it now type of thing.

What makes Swappa worth writing about though?  Because they won’t discriminate against your fully rooted and ROM’d device.  In fact, they expect you to include info about your custom ROM, hacked device status, and tweaks in the description so that buyers can find the device of their dreams.  Nice.

Anyone used Swappa yet?

Via:  Lifehacker

Cheers Rick!


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