Tuesday Poll: Current Android Device is?

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It’s that time again.  Every couple of months we like to ask the community here at Droid Life what device they are currently rockin’ to give us an idea as to where your minds are in the Android world.  For the first time ever, we’ve actually included a bunch of non-DROID branded phones that have a solid following because our audience seems to be widening by the day.  Don’t worry loyal ones, we’re not going away from our favorite family, we’re just welcoming in all lovers of this magnificent mobile OS.

So…what’s your flavor?  Any reason why?  Best device you’ve ever owned?  Can’t wait to ditch it?

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For me, I’m still working with a DROID X.  It’s easily the best phone on Verizon even after being on the market for almost 7 months now.  Blur may be an enormous disaster, but there are plenty of ways around that these days.  If only it had a dual-core and a front-facing camera, I wouldn’t need to switch.  OK, that’s a lie…gimme that 4G LTE already.


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