Wednesday Poll: Is the DROID Brand Done for?

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With yesterday’s announcement that the i*hone is on the way, all anyone can think about is how it will affect the DROID brand and Verizon’s Android lineup in general.  Will the DROID BIONIC be the last in a line of incredibly successful devices?  I sort of doubt that.  Will we see a lot less “DROID” branded devices than we saw last year?  I can almost guarantee that.  With the name as established as it is, there isn’t a need for every single Moto device that lands on Verizon to fall under the category that has helped drive Android to insane heights.  We should now look for the best of the best which is why the BIONIC is the only one we are currently expecting in the first half of 2011.  The DROID brand is far from dead, we just won’t be seeing new family member every other month like we did in 2010.  And thank god.

So what do you think?  Will it die off after the BIONIC?  Do we have years left?  Months?  Do you want it to continue on?

No poll needed, just drop your feelings on the future of the DROID brand below.


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