Live from the NVIDIA CES Event…

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We’re live from the NVIDIA event with some really spotty wi-fi so just hang in there.  CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is on stage talking about the evolution of technology and how 2011 is a year to remember because of their Tegra 2.  The chip is less than the size of a dime, is the first fully hardware accelerated Flash processor, and will be a gaming beast thanks to a GeForce GPU.   We’re stoked, and you should be too.

12:17PM – NVIDIA has really been focusing on one category, the “Super Phone” powered of course, by the Tegra 2.  We figure he’s about go all in on the Etna and Olympus (Atrix).

12:20PM – And we were wrong, he went with the LG Optimus 2X which is the first Tegra 2 phone ever.  Motorola will have one, but they aren’t first my friends.

12:25PM:  “Test drive” time, meaning he’s going HDMI to a TV on stage.  And he did.  Home screen popped right up on the TV and projector.  Huang is running through an Android overview which is semi-funny.  He needs to read DL to get some tips.  Oh, he just busted out Angry Birds in full HD over the projector and dominated level 1.  Officially impressed. 1080P video out.  The awesomeness just keeps building.

12:30PM:  HDMI demo continues, loading up the browser with Flash now.  Of course, the press/media in the room is killing the wi-fi.  Sorry!  “Can you guys just imagine a website coming up with Flash…”

12:34PM:  Flash demo time.  Tegra 2 phone against what looks like a Nexus S on a Flash game and of course, the T2 is crushing it.  NVIDIA worked closely with Adobe to enhance the Flash experience, making it 5X faster with a Tegra 2.

12:37PM:  CEO of Adobe, Shantanu Narayen is on stage.  Flash 10.1 has had the fastest adopt rate of any version before.

12:43PM:  Jeremy Stieglitzh, co-founder of Trendy Entertainment on stage.  He’s talking Dungeon Defenders which is the first Unreal Engine on Android.  They just showed the game being played in the same environment on a PC, then the PS3 and now on the LG Optimus 2X.

12:46PM:  Karsten Wysk, CEO of Mobilebits is on stage.  It’s 3D gaming time.  Soulcraft is demoed and this game looks insane.

12:50PM: Kyle Malady, VP of Network and Technology with Verizon jumps on stage.  He’s talking Tegra 2 power working side-by-side with their new 4G LTE network.  They have a slide up right now that is clearly showing a tablet of some kind.  Branding has been removed though.

12:53PM:  Manrique Brenes, the director of platform product management for Skype is coming on stage.  Pretty sure this is Skype HD.  They were about to run through a Skype HD demo, but the bandwidth has been crushed in here.  Damn the press!

1:03PM: And we’re done.  Photos on the way!

Jen-Hsun Huang



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