End of Year Poll: Biggest DROID Story of 2010?

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In just a few hours we’ll be wrapping up 2010, a year that we’d like to unofficially refer to as the “Year of DROID.”  You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing the word “DROID”.  It was on billboards, on TV, in theaters, in sports, on late night talk shows…it was seriously everywhere.  It became so big, that the word itself started to annoy Android enthusiasts, as novices to the game continue to use it when referencing any Android phone.  The marketing plan behind it was brilliant and many, including myself, would argue that it has been driving the success bus for the Android platform all year.  Sure, there were big releases on other carriers, but none of them produced like this one, and that, you can’t argue with.

So if we look back at the “Year of DROID” what stands out the most?  As we took the time to sift through the 2,000+ posts of ours from 2010, we quickly realized the topics that not only took up the majority of our time, but the ones that helped shape this blog into what it has become.  Here is the list of stories that dominated Droid Life for weeks at a time; tell us which was the biggest.

Happy New Year everyone!

Update:  In my original draft of this poll, I included the “Locked bootloaders and the eFuse” option, then lost the poll somehow, and forgot to add the option again.  If that would have been your choice, feel free to click “Other.”  It’s definitely a top story and I apologize for leaving it out after my poll killed itself in WordPress.  Sorry!

Biggest DROID story of 2010?

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