Motorola: DROID 2 Didn’t Explode, Dude Dropped It and Cut His Ear

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Remember the exploding Droid 2 from last week that crushed some guy’s ear, leading his shadiness it to bleed all over the internet in a set of ridiculous pictures?  Well, I’m sure you’ll be so surprised to know that the guy was potentially lying.  Shocker, I know.  Motorola has commented to Gearlog this morning, confirming that the phone was likely dropped, leaving the screen cracked.  The man then cut his ear on the cracked glass after forgetting Childhood No-Nos 101 which says, “stay clear of broken glass you fool.”

Motorola also made it clear that nothing exploded in this device:

[T]he only things that could explode in a phone would have resulted in a phone that did not work, yet this phone worked. And there was no explosive damage to the device (things inside blown outward, etc).

I love scamsters.  They make for great internet reading.

Via:  Gearlog


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