Will BlindType be Included in Gingerbread?

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Back in August, we all the saw the debut of a new keyboard called BlindType that would look to change the way people type on their smartphones.  An ingenious idea that allowed you to type “blindly”, meaning you could type words or sentences without actually pressing the correct keys each time.  With small on-screen keyboards dominating our lives, BlindType would allow you to type in the area of keys and then it would do its best to predict exactly what it is you were trying to type.  It sort of took the world by storm and just as we were anticipating its release, it was purchased by our friends over at Google.

So over the last couple of weeks, one of our readers brought back up the subject of BlindType, wondering why its website had been taken down with almost no mention of it anywhere.  Our thoughts?  Maybe it will make a Gingerbread appearance.  We’re expecting the new Android 2.3 to be announced within the next couple of weeks and this could be one heck of an addition that most people probably wouldn’t have expected.  

BlindType in action:

Oh and lookie here, our buddy Taylor over at Android and Me has a similar thought.

Cheers Kane!



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