Tuesday Poll: What ROM are you using?

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With so many different Android devices floating around these days, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the different ROMs and themes that developers are putting out.  When the original Droid launched, it was easy to keep track of as everyone was putting most of their efforts into either it or the Nexus One, but times are different now.  In the Droid family of phones we have the D1, D2, DX, and DI with solid communities, making it tough to even keep track of and then you add in the Galaxy S line and various HTC phones and we wish anyone the best of luck in trying to stay current.

So we’ve had this requested a few times, and today being fairly slow, seemed like a great time to dive into it.  We want to know what ROM and/or theme you are currently running.  List out your device, ROM, theme and anything else you can think of.  Feel free to also toss in a quick review if you have the time or at least gives everyone a reason as to why you chose the ROM you have now.

Our setups:


1.  DROID X, RubiX Blurry 0.3, No theme.  “No bloatware, stable and just enough of the good Blur parts.”
2.  Incredible, Virtuous, rEVOlution theme.  “Because it’s so damn stable.”
3.  Original DROID, Sapphire 1.1.0, Avalon theme.  “Because it’s so damn pretty.”


Original DROID, Ultimate Droid 2.0.0 with rEVOlution theme.   “It’s the best battery life I’ve ever had!”


1.  Incredible, Virtuous.
2.  DROID X, RubiX Blurry 0.3.

So, what’s currently powering your phone?


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