Custom ‘OG’ Droid Theme Friday: Luna Theme by IcculusX

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Sorry about last week, folks! We here at Droid-Life and Android-Life got tied up with all the exciting things going on, so in a timely manner I present the Luna Theme by IcculusX. There’s something about the Moon which is very appealing. It has an almost mystic and tantalizing attractiveness. And since it’s so nice and sexy, why not put it on your phone!

This theme can be placed on top of almost all the major ROMs. Lucky you! CyanogenMod, Bugless Beast, Shadow ROM, Ultimate Droid, Sapphire, etc. Could you really ask for more? Let’s go ahead and do this!


“Droid 1 only please”

Since this theme is on quite a few different ROMs, the installation might vary just a wee bit, but I shall lay out the basic route you should be following. Try not to stray too much.

1. Download zip with which ROM you are on or decide to try out.

Again, these ROMs are – CyanogenMod 6.0, Shadow ROM, Sapphire, Ultimate Droid, and Bugless Beast.

2. Place zip on the root “base” of your SD Card.
3. Open ROM Manager and select “Install ROM from SD”.
4. Locate the .zip and hit it. Please make a backup.
5. Allow phone to boot into recovery and do it’s thing. When you load back up, enjoy the moon!

Thanks again for your patience everyone. Last week we had some nasty emails. “Where’s the theme?!?” “Stop playing with yourself and post a theme!” The list goes on and on. And thanks everyone, we appreciate the encouragment, but gosh!


View Luna Website for more details and download links. Don’t forget to¬†donate!


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