Flick Kick Football, My New Mobile Gaming Obsession

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OpenFeint announced 11 new games this week and one of them I cannot get enough of.  It’s called Flick Kick Football and has been dominating my life for at least 3 days now in more ways than one.  The game is similar to Flick Kick Field Goal or Paper Toss, but for whatever reason is so much more fun and addicting.  I probably should have started this off by clarifying that “football” in this game is referring to soccer and not the American pigskin ratings machine, but that shouldn’t turn you away though!

So the game is simple.  Kick the soccer ball into the net and try not to nail any of the stand-ups or moving goalies in the face.  You can curve the ball with a simple swipe, grab extra lives by hitting the corners, and impress the heck out of your friends with the OpenFeint scoring integration.  Seriously, once you master the curved shot, you won’t quit.

If you have a dollar and a ridiculous amount of time to spare, grab it in the market now.

Oh and my high score on “Arcade” is 134.  Bring it on.

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