Introducing 8Pen, A Keyboard Looking to Change the Game

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Yep, that shot above is of 8Pen, a new Android keyboard with a brave idea on how to change the way we type using our mobile devices and their small screens.  This new keyboard asks that you select letters by moving your finger into a certain quadrant and then rotating it around clockwise or counterclockwise until you find your desired result.  I know that makes zero sense, but when you see the video I’m sure that you’ll totally get it.   Totes McGoats.

Update:  We just heard back from 8Pen and it will be available tomorrow…

We posted it earlier today, it will be available tomorrow (11/2), roughly around noon European time.

Our thoughts?  We’ll see tomorrow when we finally get to test this bad boy out, but the overall idea of it is intriguing.

Cheers windexh8er!



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