DROID Makes Political Debut, Gets Aide Fired

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Our beloved Motorola Droid made an appearance last night during a live television political debate in Florida between Alex Sink and Rick Scott, and left quite the impression.  During a break, Sink’s (on the left) makeup artist delivered her a sneaky text message from a campaign aide which is a giant “no-no.”  Scott (on the right) sees this all go down as clear as day and outs her!  Scott calls her out for using an “i*ad or i*od”, but CNN was quick to correct him, calling it a “Droid smartphone.”

Dirty little politicians…

“First Alex, you say you always follow the rules,” he said. “The rule was no one was supposed to give us messages during the break, and your campaign did with an iPad or an iPod.”

For the record, the device Sink read from was neither an iPad nor an iPhone but a Droid smartphone.

And here is the video:

The aide who sent the text message was fired after the debate.  The makeup artist, not.

Via:  CNN

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