MessagEase Keyboard Now Available, A “Disruptive” Way of Typing

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Sick of Swype, Swiftkey or the other dozen Android keyboards available?  Then check out a new player who has been ported over from the i*hone, named MessagEase.  I’m going to be brutally honest with this one, I’m not getting the “ease” portion of the name or why the makers are calling it “disruptive.” The idea behind this keyboard is for users with smaller screens or who love to 1-handed text to have fewer keys to worry about and bigger buttons to press.

To use the keyboard, you perform a simple swiping motion from parent letters to their smaller key counterparts.  For example, if you want the letter M, you would press R and swipe to the left over top of M to make it appear.  Seems simple right?  Not for the challenged folks here who run Droid Life!

The keyboard is free in the market and I highly suggest you check it out to prove how slow I am at adopting new technologies.  Let me know if you have any success with it!

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