New DROID Incredible User Guide, Maybe they are Shipping with Froyo?

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After Verizon updated their Droid Incredible page to include Android 2.2 and bloatware in the description of the device, we had to wonder if they would start shipping DI’s with Froyo already pre-installed.  It now looks like that will definitely be the case going forward after we received this new user guide.  While the massive 308 page guide doesn’t actually mention Android 2.2, it drops enough hints including the screenshot above which shows the Froyo Google search bar.  We also just received word from a reader who’s brand new DI is apparently running Froyo out of the box.

Download:  New Droid Incredible Userguide

And to answer the question we’ve seen a lot over the last few days; yes as far as we know, 2.2 is still being sent out to all Incredibles.  But remember, you can update to it now by visiting our guide if you’d like!

Anyone receiving a new Incredible today?  Would love to hear what OS it’s running.  And who’s received the 2.2 update?  We’ve heard from a few of you, but want to show the world that it’s still rolling out.

Cheers Jordan!



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