Comcast Android App Coming Soon

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Want to tell your Xfinity to record the Jersey Shore while creepin’ at the bar just after GTL’in’?  Then Comcast has your back.  They managed to fist pump their way into announcing that an Android app is in the works, we just aren’t really sure when…

Finally, we have introduced a mobile app that runs on the i*hone and i*od Touch and we’ve blogged about that here. While one of the most popular features of this app is the ability to remotely control your DVR so you can record your favorite shows on the go, it also provides a number of other very useful phone features. My favorite is the ability to auto-forward calls to your home phone directly to your mobile device. In this way, if you’re at the beach or out of town, you’ll never miss a call. You can also receive “push” notifications that someone has left you a voicemail at home and you can check and listen to your home voicemail via the app. We hope to make the app work on as many different devices as possible, including Blackberry and Android.

So it’s like DVR with Google Voice mixed in.  Wait, people have land lines?

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