Download: Custom Droid Life LauncherPro Trays

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Our very own Mrpicolas has modified a set of 5 LauncherPro trays plus a Droid Life launcher icon to help you completely customize your setup.  Included in his set is also a batch of custom app icons so you can really take this to the next level.  Check out the file and instructions below…

Download:  DL LauncherPro


1.  Download and install LauncherPro from the market or buy the Plus version.
2.  Download the LauncherPro pack and extract files to your SD card.
3.  To change the launcher button:

Long press the launcher button, choose App Drawer>Custom Icon.  Then find the folder in your gallery that you extracted in step 2 and choose the DL logo.

4.  To change the launcher tray:

Menu>Preferences>Appearance Settings>Dock background>Custom.  Then find the folder in your gallery that you extracted in step 2 and choose a custom tray.

5.  To change the app icons:

Long press the app you wish to replace, choose Applications, find the app you want, then choose custom icon and navigate to the “mrpicolas icon set” folder.  Choose an icon.

6.  Enjoy!

If you weren’t already aware that LauncherPro allowed this type of customization and the DL logo set isn’t your thing, feel free to check out the LP forums for a very active userbase that has been creating all sorts of goodness.


Cheers Mrpicolas!

And cheers to the original tray designers Sph1re, shimizu2005 and br_hermon!



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