Calling DROID Eris Owners! Care to Prove Steve Jobs Wrong?

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After Apple’s sickening display of excuses this morning while trying to defend their ridiculously flawed i*hone design, they managed to call out one of our original family members, the Droid Eris.  Their claim is that all phones will experience signal loss if held incorrectly or by covering up its antenna.  While the Droid Eris designers were intelligent and put the antenna towards the top of the device, Apple thought it would be ingenious to place theirs as a metal band on the base of the phone, precisely where every human holds it.

During their ego-filled rant this morning, they showed a video of someone uncomfortably holding an Eris to try and replicate a signal loss.  The video is pretty comical actually.

So here is what I’d like to do!  To any Droid Eris owners out there, let’s prove the evil empire wrong!  See if you can replicate, prove wrong or just have a good laugh at this whole antenna/signal loss thing.  In fact, let’s do any Droid owner out there.  Upload your method for trying to cause i*hone 4 signal loss on your device and see what we can come up with.  The funnier the method, the better.

*Tip* – If you post the Youtube link in the comments, it will be playable on this page.

Update: A couple of user submitted tests…

And another…

Have fun!



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