Android App Review: 2010 World Cup

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Ah, World Cup years; they’re like the Olympics in that everyone remembers their mother nation and get overly patriotic for a month. It’s also chance for all of us to get to know another time zone, because damnit, if we’re going to stay up to 3AM to catch the beginning of a soccer game, it might as well be a good one.

For those of us who might want their Cup madness on the go, I managed to find a full-featured app which comes with a major advantage: it’s free. Yes, I know, there are other free World Cup apps out there, but it’s almost like the tournament’s commencement caused a gold rush: everyone wanted to be the app that everyone chose, and gave their ad impressions to.

2010 World Cup still had an ad bar at the bottom of nearly every screen, but it makes up for it by providing a very comprehensive feature package for following the events in South Africa. You want a calendar and game scores? You got them. Live updates and notifications? They’re there too. Team rosters, player news and group standings will keep stat-hungry fans happy, too.

The big thing that 2010 World Cup doesn’t offer is streaming; while some might throw up their arms in frustration, I don’t see it as that big a deal. If you want to actually watch the football and listen to those god-awful vuvuzuelas, there are many other options that won’t be as taxing on your data plan, or phone’s battery. If you’re looking for something simple that you can glance at every once and awhile at work, this will suit you quite nicely.

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