HomePipe is First to Stream iTunes Music to Android Devices

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A couple of weeks ago during an App Roundup, we pointed out the release of HomePipe into the Android Market as a competitor to Dropbox and LogMeIn. Well as of today, it may have just taken a giant step ahead of both by announcing a feature which allows you to stream your iTunes library from a home computer through your Android device over both 3G and wi-fi.  Crazy right?  We weren’t supposed to see something like this until Froyo dropped!

App has a free and ad-free paid version.  And my life just took a giant step closer to being complete.

Update: Many of you have expressed concerns with it being “iTunes friendly” only.  Let me just say that it actually just grabs your music folder and then streams it to your phone.  As far as I can tell it doesn’t use iTunes at all.  I simply used that term for blogging purposes, if you know what I mean.


1.  Download Homepipe from the market.
2.  Sign up for a free account.
3.  Login to your account through a computer browser.
4.  Add your computer’s music folder.
5.  Open your Android app and login.
6.  You should see a folder called “Music.”  Select it.
7.  Pick an album and BAM!

Press Release.


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