Wednesday App Roundup: MyNature Tracks, Homepipe, Chronos

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A new feature with one purpose, to spread some application love.  The Android Market is growing exponentially and what better way to help that continue than by supplying you with a weekly roundup of the apps which land in our inbox.  Mostly new, some old, all Android.

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The Boss App: (lite and $4.99)  Have an anal boss who is constantly looking over your shoulder?  This app helps you hide anything incriminating on your PC with a little wiggle.

MyNature Tracks: (lite and $6.99)  Into the outdoors?  This app will help you identify all of the animal tracks you come across on your next adventure.

xScope Browser: (lite and $2.99)  You’ve heard of this app a half-dozen times from us now, but we needed to let you know that they’ve had another major update.

My Tracks: (free)  This app is pretty fantastic.  From the Google team itself, this app works with Google Maps and allows you to trace your latest hiking or biking adventure and then share it with the world.  Win!

($0.99)  Similar to Locale and SettingProfiles, this new location-based app looks very promising.  In fact, it compiles many of the features from other location apps into one place.

Homepipe: (lite and $2.99)  Sort of like LogMeIN meets DropBox but with a pricetag.

Springpad: (free)  Scan and organize information you run across throughout your day.  Scan barcodes, take photos, search info, create reminders and attach them all to  This may have just been released today actually!

Tag Home: (free)  A nice home replacement app for 2.1 users only.  Whilte not quite as clean as Helix or LauncherPro, this does off a feature I’d like to see in other home replacements and that is the ability to tag apps.



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