Friday Poll: Flash or Froyo?

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Yesterday was quite the mind-blowing experience if you are an Android junkie, I’d say.  We had confirmation of voice dialing over bluetooth, a video walk-through of 2.2, the Flash 10.1 beta release, a gallery showing off some new 2.2 features, and a possible June release date to the Motorola Droid. Yay x10.

So after seeing all of the goodies they have packed into Froyo and with Flash 10.1 ready once we actually have 2.2, which are you more intrigued by?

At first, I thought nothing could be bigger than the arrival of Flash onto a mobile device…and then yesterday’s keynote happened. To see some of this new Android 2.2 goodness in action might have changed my mind. Hello tethering, iTunes streaming and PC Market anyone?



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