App Reminder: Moto Phone Portal

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We wrote about an app called Moto Phone Portal all the way back in January when this blog was just starting out and it feels like we need to let all of our new readers know about this fantastically sneaky app.  You see, the Moto Phone Portal sort of floated by the Android Market and the mainstream spotlight without ever receiving a proper showing.

What is this app?

The Moto Phone Portal allows you to wirelessly connect your Droid to your PC and transfer files just like if you had mounted it via USB.  It is easily one of my most used apps and it’s a shame that Motorola decided to shove it aside and attempt to let it die in the background.  Unfortunately for them, we won’t let it!

*Note 1* – This is for ALL users.

Download: PersonalPortal 029.apk

Installation instructions…

1.  Make sure you have the “Unknown Sources” box checked in your application settings.
2.  Download the PersonalPortal 029.apk to your SD card.
3.  Once it finishes, tap on the file and choose “Install.”
4. Done!

Instructions for using…

1.  Open the app.
2.  Hit the “play” button.
3.  It will then give you a URL to enter into your browser.
4.  Enter the URL and click “start.”
5.  Done!

*Quick Tip* – The file manager option only works if you are using Internet Explorer.  No support for Chrome or Firefox at this time.


(Reminder: This is also always available in our downloads section.)


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