motorola’s moto phone portal app – download here

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yessir, the mysterious moto phone portal is still around.  discovered back in october 2009, the news of this program leaked out and people were initially excited, and then for some reason quickly forgot about it.  it’s still alive my friends!

wonder what the moto phone portal is?  this is basically your best friend if you are one of the motorola droid users unable to sync your device via usb cable to your computer.  and for the rest of us, this just makes life easier!

moto phone portal allows you to connect wirelessly to a pc (any pc) and do a ton of amazing things.  via wi-fi, it doesn’t get any easier than this really.

here is the list of features…

  • backup and restore contacts
  • check call logs and sms
  • send sms via browser
  • set ringtones
  • play music to your phone
  • manage photos
  • manage bookmarks
  • manage browsing history
  • transfer files from phone to pc wirelessly

installation instructions:
1.  go into settings -> applications and check the “unknown sources” box.
1a. if you do not already have astro file manager, download now in the market.
2.  visit this post from your phone’s browser.
3.  tap and download this file onto your phone:
4.  tap on the downloaded application once it has finished.
5.  tap on “PersonalPortal029” and then “Open App Manager” when prompted.
5.  tap “install” and then “open” when finished.
6.  it will then provide instructions for syncing to pc.

*note* – to use the file manager, you have to connect via internet explorer.  (yes it sucks, but firefox doesn’t support this feature right now.)


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