TechCrunch Photos Google Froyo Statue, Gets Stopped by Security

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OK, this story is just too damn funny to not write about.  While TechCrunch was breaking the news on their blog this morning that Android 2.2 would include the ability to tether and use your phone as a wifi hotspot, they were also sending an employee over to the Google campus for a photo session.  There was a rumor flying around that the new Froyo statue had arrived and the pictures of this beast needed to be released to the world!

Of course, Google employees stormed outside and threatened to call security and the photoshoot abruptly came to an end.  Still, they captured a few pics of the new Froyo statue…

What’s makes this even more hilarious is the fact that some random guy made this video showing off the statue on Youtube…

Source: TechCrunch



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