Custom Theme Friday: Smoked Glass Bugless Beast V1.0

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Today’s custom theme Friday is rockin’ out with an old school classic over top of the new Bugless Beast V1.0.  It’s time for some smoked glass people.  Who knows when the last time was that I checked out a smoked glass theme, but today just felt like the right time to go back to my old nemesis.  Why nemesis?  Because early Motorola Droid ROMs all seemed to come standard with a “smoked glass” look and it drove me nuts.  Throwback time!

Theme:  Smoked Glass for Bugless Beast V1.0

Instructions for installation…

1.  Open ROM Manager.
2.  Download ROM>Bugless Beast>Bugless Beast V1.0.
3.  Choose a kernel.
4.  Choose the “Smoked Glass” theme.
5.  No need to “wipe data and cache” if coming from another Bugless Beast V1.0 theme.
6.  Perform a backup in case you don’t like the transparent or stock look.
7.  Enjoy!

For complete support with this ROM and to download this theme for free check out the dedicated Bugless Beast V1.0 running thread here.

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