Android 2.1 finally available for UK users

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So I’m going to push aside my urge to make every sentence in this post a British stereotype and inform you guys that Android 2.1 is available on UK Milestones as of this morning. Similar to Canada’s release, a package is available to download off of Motorola’s website, which in turn will update your phone when it’s connected to the computer. For ease of use, I’m just going to update the directions from our Canadian writeup, as I imagine the installation process is much of the same.


1.  Visit this Motorola site.
2.  Choose your region, then phone model.
3.  Download the My Software Update software.
4.  Connect your phone to your computer and follow the instructions. Your phone will have to be restarted twice: once manually (when the installer tells you) and once automatically to apply the final update. Enjoy your pretty wallpapers!

Happy updating, and long live the Commonwealth!



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