Wanted: Your Motorola Droid Configurations

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It’s time for everyone to show off the way they’ve customized their Motorola Droids.   I know that many of you are running custom ROMs, have specific widgets or color schemes and the rest of us would love to see them.   As you saw yesterday with our Bugless Beast V1.0 video, we’re rocking out with some green overclocked goodness and couldn’t be happier, but I really want to see how you roll.

Now this isn’t just for those with custom ROMs.  I want to see those stock configs too.  Using different launchers?  Wallpapers?  New widgets?  Show me it all!

Let’s do it like this…

Post links to pics if you can and then follow it up with your specs:

(Screen shot apps for rooted users: here and here. Non-roots:  here.)

ROM: Bugless Beast V1.0
Theme: NexTheme Green
Keyboard: Swype Green
Wallpaper: Neural Network Green
Launcher: Helix Launcher1
Kernel: bekit 1.0Ghz low voltage – clocked to 900Mhz

*Note 1* – To attach pictures to your comment, you can apparently just paste the image URL and it will thumbnail it.

Your turn!


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