Saturday Custom Theme: Licorice Flavored Ice V1.0.1

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In case you missed this tweet from me yesterday, you might have been wondering what happened to custom theme Friday. Don’t worry!  It’s only been delayed this week.  Multiple attempts on various themes were now playing well with our kernel yesterday and we had to push it back about 12 hours.  Anyways, here we go!

While we felt Incredible for most of the week, today we are feeling a little blue up here in the rainy northwest.  Time for some blueish licorice flavored goodness.

Theme:  Jairomeo’s Licorice Flavored Ice V1.0.1

Instructions for installation…

*Note 1* – If coming from JRummy or another themed ROM, it’s a good idea to load the stock Cyanogen first, and then apply this theme.

1. Open ROM Manager.
2. Download ROM>Jairomeo>Licorice Flavored Ice v1.0.1 for
3.  No need to “wipe data and cache” if coming from another ROM.
4.  Perform a backup in case you don’t like the blue ice look.
5.  Enjoy!

Don’t have ROM Manager premium?  You can download and install this ROM at the CyanogenMod forums.

And if you want a blue themed Swype to match, check out this post.

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