Wednesday Poll: Favorite Keyboard?

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What’s with us and our obsession with keyboards lately?  If only I could explain it.  I’m thinking it has to do with the fact that people are starting to take the best keyboards on the planet and make them even more fabulous than they already were with custom looks.  First we had custom HTC IME skins and now we’ve got a handful of Swype looks…which ones are you digging the most?

While those HTC IME custom keyboards are incredibly sexy, it’s pretty hard for me to not pick Swype in this category. It has changed the way the texting game is played. There was a time when the physical keyboard on my Moto Droid was held in the highest regard, but I can officially say that he’s been swapped out for some Swype-age.

Thoughts?  If you chose “Other” please fill me in!


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