It’s Official: Flash Coming with Froyo

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This announcement has me feeling like singing a song…(Insert Michael Buble melody) “Andy Rubins, he’s the man, he just dropped a Flash 10.1 release date bombshell on all the Android fans.  Bam.”  Wow.

Andy Rubins, the VP of engineering for Google had a quick chat with media members last week and casually tossed out a Flash notice…

He also promised that full support for Adobe’s Flash standard was coming in the next version of Android, code-named Froyo, for frozen yogurt (previous Android releases were called Cupcake, Donut and Eclaire, and are represented outside building 44 on the Google campus with giant sculptures of the desserts). Sometimes being open “means not being militant about the things consumer are actually enjoying,” he said.

He also likened Apple to North Korea…

Mr. Rubin also addressed many other topics—like whether consumers actually care if their mobile phone software is “open” or not. He insisted that they will, comparing closed computing platforms to totalitarian governments that deprive their citizens of choice. “When they can’t have something, people do care. Look at the way politics work. I just don’t want to live in North Korea,” he said.

Awesome.  I would say that the Google I/O conference will most definitely be the first sighting of both Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 working happily together.

Time to celebrate?

Source:  New York Times



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