Theme Release: JRummy’s Remix Red V.07

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You thought last Friday’s theme was spot on with red?  Wait until you see JRummy’s new V.7 themes which include a red version.  This might be the sexiest theme I’ve seen to date.  Scratch that.  This IS the sexiest theme I’ve seen to date.  Obviously you all know I’m a huge fan of JRummy’s work, but he may have outdone himself with this one.

*Note 1* – For rooted users only.  Rooting instructions here and here.

Instructions for installation…

1.  Open ROM Manager
2.  Tap “Download ROM.”
3.  Tap “JRummy.”
4.  Choose the red theme and allow it to download.
5.  When prompted to “wipe data and cache” and “backup” read below…

JRummy’s V.7 themes are based off of Cyanogen  If you are coming from a 5.0.6 ROM you can skip “wipe data and cache.”  I even managed to go from without having to “wipe data” but it’s up to you.  If you are coming from anything before 5.0.5, you should probably “wipe data.”

Backup is a good idea just in case you are nervous or don’t have a current one.

6.  Tap “OK”, allow the magic to happen and your phone to reboot.
7.  BAM!  Enjoy!

Check out the official JRummy thread which includes additional goodies here.

*Note 2* – Many of the JRummy’s themes run on a low voltage kernel so you may want to upgrade to a standard voltage.  Bekit kernels in ROM Manager offer you all kinds of options.

Questions?  Comments?  How you liking the red?



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