Video: Installing Stock 2.1 With Root Access

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Last week I posted the video on how to install a custom ROM through SPRecovery and it seemed to be a success.  However, there were still quire a few of you out there that like the stock Droid look and wanted an option to keep but also have root access.  So here we go!

*Warning* – The process we are about to layout is extremely risky.  If you choose to do this, we are not liable should you brick your phone or cause any sort of permanent damage.  If you do harm to your phone, please do not email us asking for help as you have already been warned and accept all risk involved. Cheers!


1.  Flash the SPRecovery SBF file.
2.  Download this file to your computer:
3.  Follow this video… (Give it time to process, it’s HD people.)

*Note 1* – You will find a ton of information on overclocking and kernels at this post.

Questions or comments?  Drop them below!

Credit:  Koush for hosting the file in ROM Manager and to Pete for creating it.


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