Flash 10.1 Actually Coming First Half of 2010

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So we told you to signup for the beta version of Flash 10.1 just the other day with information that you might not see it until the second half of this year.  Apparently that info was wrong which has left us pointing fingers frantically at Adobe’s CEO who shared that same message with us last week.

Luckily their developers actually know what they are talking about.  Check out the newest blog post from Serge Jespers, an Adobe machine…

There seems to be some confusion around whether or not Flash Player 10.1 for mobile devices (including Android) will ship in the first half of 2010 like we promised. It’s very energizing and refreshing to see the excitement about Flash Player coming to Android! However, I do want to set the record straight.

Flash Player 10.1 for mobile devices (including Android) is still on track for an H1 2010 release!

The confusion started when an interview with Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen was misinterpreted. He said that Android devices with Flash Player 10.1 preinstalled will start shipping in H2.

And our amazing week continues.

Source: Serge Jespers
Via: Android and Me



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