Wednesday Poll: Feelings on Official 2.1 Update Now?

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Last week, in the middle of the update craze, we asked for your initial thoughts on the official Droid 2.1 and saw a variety of answers.  The majority of you were either satisfied or already looking forward to new custom ROMs based off of the ESE81 build.  And now that it has been a full week and almost everyone should have either manually updated or received the notification to update, we want to know again, your feelings…

My take? I’ve moved on to a custom ROM, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t satisfied with the update.  In fact, I think the update was a success once it finally arrived and most Droid users should be incredibly excited about all of the new features that they may have never known about otherwise.

I actually performed the manual update on a friend’s Droid last weekend and he was pretty pumped.  None of the other guys he knew with Droids had the update yet and this was his chance to one up them.  Isn’t that what this is really about?  The average Droid user?  If you look at it that way, then +1 Verizon.


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