Droid 2.1 Update Expected End of March

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It has been a while since we’ve had 2.1 OTA update news as Motorola had put a clamp on all messages issued from support personnel.  Well good news Droid users!  Motorola has apparently lifted their “soon” timeline and given us the first semi-specific date since their Facebook page had our hopes raised high.

Our chat with a rep this morning…

Marcelo M.: Hi, my name is Marcelo M.. How may I help you?
Kellen B: Hey Marcelo! Since the Spain Milestone has Android 2.1 and the Bulgarian one launches at the end of this week with 2.1, should Droid users expect it this week as well?
Marcelo M.: Within the next 2-3 weeks
Kellen B: Really? That’s awesome news. So by the end of March?
Marcelo M.: Yes
Kellen B: Very cool! Any details on what will be included in the update?
Marcelo M.: Not at this time Kellen, I am sorry
Kellen B: Ok, well thanks for providing me with a more defined timeline than just “soon”. Greatly appreciated.

Update 10:37AM 3/15: To get a second confirmation I spoke with a second rep who wasn’t as specific as Marcelo but did confirm they expect it to be at the end of Q1 which would also be the end of March.

How you feeling now?  Should we actually believe it?  Are you over the official 2.1 and on to a custom ROM?


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