2.1 on motorola droid will include live wallpapers?

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the german forum android-hilfe is a great source if you ever want to catch a motorola dev spewing out news on the latest android builds.  and fortunately for those of us continuing to obsess over the features of our next update, this latest post from “thyrus” should have you full of smiles.  and since it’s in german, i’ll do a rough translation and paraphrasing for you…

-I would like to give once shortly a status update over the standing 2.1-update1.
-The version shortly addressed by me here sees is for me ready from, and already for all versions of the countries finished.  Therefore the usual Google and provider will start soon Approval per cedar
– The 2.1-upgrade1 LiveWallpapers will support PROBABLY.  THE versions existing me do that in any case
– It PROBABLY will be preinstalled (me at least) unknown LiveWallpapers
– A launcher is used it similarly to the 2.0.1 Launcher, but with 3/5/7/9 homescreens (that is yes no novelty).  The Launcher is very fluid, very smooth. 
– It become “Facebook” accounts supported (therefore as a correct accounts mounted)
– Other Exchange rules (entsperren through motto after screen curl, therefore lower supports so the unlock requirements of some Exchange accounts)
– New applications:  – Video camcorder – Facebook app preinstalls – choice of language – new vehicle functions
– own QuickOffice application
– Camera: newly!  now Widescreen, has a new (prettier) menu, GPS and place meet, custom meet become lower supports has meet video camcorder video) 2 attitudes, D1 and QVGA
quality, custom and meet meet are also GPS/place that a from switchable
– Key feedback (z. b in Unlock) somewhat more softly (pleases me better)
– Mistake correction of the HW keyboard
– Bow fax:  MP3 aussetzer gefixt, notification problem in that noticed removed, browser lay removed, now subjectiv the fastest browser previously (tested at mirror-Online. de)

so if that was a little jumbled, blame babelfish or something.  what you should have taken from that is there will be live wallpapers, no 3d launcher, anywhere from 3 to 9 screens, widescreen camera, and quick office.

everyone happy?


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