motorola droid user guide shows android 2.1

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remember last month on february 8th when motorola dropped a facebook message which was  followed up with release notes detailing the update of android 2.1 to our droid device?  and remember the almost as swift pulling of the notes and silence from all moto social networking sites?  well it looks like they forgot one thing…the droid’s user guide.

first off, they include multi-touch in the maps section…

they also made sure you understand speech-to-text…

and they even finished it off with a screenie of the 2.1 multi-touch gallery…

and so you know we didn’t ‘shop these, you can download the pdf from motorola’s droid site here.

not that we’re into pointing fingers and saying “we gotcha moto!” but this does essentially prove further that the 2.1 update was ready back in february and for whatever reason, was delayed.  many are reporting that the 2.1 update 1 we showed off the other day still had the same root exploit as 2.0.1 and could be the reason verizon rejected it.  who knows!  speculate away!

cheers anonymous tipster!


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