flash 10.1 confirmed for motorola droid and nexus one only

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this morning, the flash mobile blog confirmed that flash 10.1 will only run on mobile devices that have ARM Cortex A8 chipsets.  what the heck does that mean?  just swap out “ARM Cortex A8 chipsets” with “the motorola droid and nexus one.” (or any new beast of a phone.)  the rest of you will still have a flash option…flash lite.

even better, today’s post detailed the options for installing flash 10.1 onto your device once it is released.  one of them in particular you might find interesting…

the “bundled with system software updates” is the one i’m referring to in case i wasn’t completely clear.  am i assuming that we aren’t  going to see the 2.1 update to our phones until flash 10.1 is bundled with it?   you damn right i am.


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