video: android 2.1 update 1 file released

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last night, i was having a little too much fun with my favorite toy (my droid people, head out of the gutter) and took a wrong turn which essentially means i had to go forward with a major factory reset.  while the file is out there which could have returned me back to the stock 2.0.1 that most droids are running, i had also learned this weekend of the 2.1 file that was just released leaving me incredibly tempted.  now i’m not talking about some custom 2.1 rom, i’m talking about the 2.1 update 1 that many expected to be our official ota update.

so what did i do?  took one for the team of course!  check out the video below…

as i said in the video, i’m not going to post download links for you, but i will provide the link to where i got the files.  (2.1 sbf file here and all other files and installation instructions here.)  and now time for another warning…

*warning* – this process could actually brick your phone and by going through with this, you are choosing to do so at your own risk.  i will not be held liable should something happen to your droid, i am only providing information which should prompt you to do further thorough research on your own before proceeding.

*note* – if you have questions about this process, i’m here to answer some, but please help me out and do the majority of the research on your own.  it is definitely all out there.

the first 2 questions will likely be:

  • if i do this, will i still receive the OTA?  answer:  i doubt it.
  • if i do this, how easy is it to get back to 2.0.1?  answer: not easy.  the 2.0.1 sbf is needed.

(huge props to alldroid users CellZealot, wnrussell, brandon, and trevorj.)


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