quick fix: issues mounting your motorola droid in windows xp?

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you would think that this issue had been fixed now that the motorola droid has been out for 4 months or so, but i still get questions about it almost daily.  users are still struggling to mount their droid to their pc for easy file transfer and it couldn’t be more frustrating.  my windows 7 machine never had an issue, but my windows xp machine still doesn’t like to recognize a good “mount” (bad joke).

if you are still struggling to mount your droid in windows xp try this out…

1.  On your phone, go to Settings->Applications->Development.
2.  Check the box for “USB debugging” and press “OK”.
3.  Open your Windows Device Manager.
4.  Connect phone via USB cable to PC.
5.  Under “Disk drives” you will see an exclamation mark next to “Motorola A855 USB Device”.
6.  Right click on that drive and click “Uninstall” and then click “OK”.
7.  On your phone pull down your notification bar and select “USB connected”.
8.  “Mount” your phone.
9.  Back to your PC – Right click on “Disk drives” and “Scan for hardware changes”.
10.  Your phone should now be mounted.

you can also try the usb drivers posted at the motorola site which appear to work for some people permanently and others only momentarily.


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