motorola droid beats iphone and nexus one in screen test?

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an interesting article popped up on apple insider yesterday which had the iphone’s lcd screen trumping the oled of the nexus one.  the article went into a ton of detail and even included some neat little pictures of the results which sound fairly legit.  while the test was put together by the president of a company called DisplayMate who tossed out a nice little note on the droid, the article publishers it seems, tried to sweep it under the rug…

As for the current standard-bearer in mobile phone displays, Soneira said he would guess that title goes to the Motorola Droid. While he hasn’t done any thorough tests, he said in his educated opinion Motorola’s Android-powered handset, which has a 3.7-inch screen, is the leader.

yay again for the motorola droid!  will this phone ever stop receiving high praise?


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