quick fix: unrooted and lost voice search?

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we’ve had a lot of chatter lately about “rooting” and “unrooting” your droid and wanted to point out a couple of quick tips that will help you through the process.  last night we posted information about rooting and installing a custom rom which included live wallpapers using the droidmod updater.  we then followed that up with a q&a session from comments people had been leaving which we thought would make your life easier throughout the install.

well one that really stuck out that i want to make sure all of you see is the issue that arises when “unrooting” your device through the DMUpdater.  for those of you like me who are voice search machines, you probably noticed that your voice search microphone no longer existed after unrooting.  don’t panic!  there is an easy fix which was pointed out by reader Chris.  (who has been amazing at answering questions for people.  huge thanks goes out to him.)

voice search fix instructions…

1) Go into Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Menu button->Filter->All
2) Find “com.google.android.voicesearch” and click on it.
3) Click “Uninstall”.
4) Reboot your phone.

and that should do it.  if for some reason that does not fix your problem, please let me know.


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